Photos: 3rd Annual Canadian Videogame Awards

By Paul Hunter

The Canadian Videogame Awards (CVAs) held its third annual show earlier this, with all the glitz and glamour you'd expect from the prestigious Canadian gaming event. Celebrities from across Canada, and around the world, walked the red carpet at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre to watch the very best in the Canadian gaming industry get recognized.

Held in conjunction with the inaugural Fan Expo Vancouver, a massive convention featuring special guests and attractions from the videogame, sci-fi, fantasy, anime and horror industries.

The big CVAs winners this year were Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Eidos-Montreal) and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Capybara Games) which each took home five awards. It was a great showing by both companies and showed that talented indie studios (Capy in this case) could go head-to-head with AAA-developers across the award categories.

While the bulk of the awards went to the two above mentioned games, it was sports franchises that took home two of the top awards. Future Shop, as the title sponsor of the show, gave out their Gamers' Choice Award (for the top selling game of the year) to NHL 12 by EA. The biggest award of the evening went to another EA game, FIFA Soccer 12, which took home Game of the Year. While the rest of the awards were selected by an advisory committee composed of industry veterans, FIFA Soccer 12 was voted by fans to be the top game of the year.

For photos of the red carpet event, check out some of the photos I took:

[This article originally appeared on the Future Shop Tech Blog]