Kinect for Xbox 360: Four Family Friendly Games to Consider

By Paul Hunter

Kinect for Xbox 360 is a great gaming platform for families looking for fun titles that everyone can enjoy. From Sesame Street to Disney to Star Wars, there are a range of excellent family games available on Kinect for Xbox 360 no matter what age the gamers in your household are. Let's take a look at four of my favourite out there:

Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure

Publisher: Microsoft / Disney Interactive Studios
Release Date: March 20, 2012
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Kinect Rush feels like a follow-up to last year's Kinect Disneyland Adventures, offering fans a chance to once again jump into a Disneyland theme park and experience fun mini-games inspired by hit Disney movies. In Kinect Rush, players start in a central hub environment called Pixar Park and can travel to five difference themed areas from the Pixar movies Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, and Up. Each area features iconic emblems representative of their respective movies, such as the Eiffel Tower for Ratatouille, and city streets for Cars. The mini-games are more action-oriented than what's found in Kinect Disneyland Adventures, focusing more on coin collecting, performing required goals, and racking up a high score. This is definitely an enjoyable game for Pixar fans, and is playable for up to two people.

Kinect Star Wars

Publisher: LucasArts
Release Date: April 3, 2012
ESRB Rating: T for Teen

LucasArts experimental Star Wars Kinect project was quite ambitious, hoping to be the world's first completely interactive Star Wars game, and while the modes range from "ok" to "great", the overall package is worth recommending. The core campaign, called Jedi Destiny, has players assuming the role of a young Jedi padawan from training through to live missions against the forces of the Dark Side. Using body motions, your character can perform signature Jedi moves such as lightsaber swings and force pushes, along with the ability to dash at lightning speed and move massive objects like boulders and starships. In addition, Star Wars Kinect contains a breadth of modes such as Pod Racing, Duels of Fate, Rancor Rampage and Galactic Dance-off, that each are reminiscent of iconic Star Wars moments. With its Teen rating, Star Wars Kinect is intended for more mature audiences, so definitely a game to consider if you have a teen Star Wars fan in your family.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: October 11, 2011
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

The undeniably cute Cookie Monster and Elmo are the leads stars of this storybook driven Kinect adventure. In Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, the pair of muppets read a living storybook that draws them in and makes them a part of the story. As Elmo and Cookie Monster encounter friendly monsters that inhabit this story, they must help them solve problems and overcome challenges. All chapters in the story contain fun and interactive mini-games that are perfect for children to enjoy. There's also drop-in/drop-out co-operative multiplayer that is ideal for parent-child or child-sibling play. Throughout the adventure the duo will encounter familiar faces such as Oscar, Grover, along with all-new characters introduced for the very first time.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Publisher: Microsoft
Release Date: November 15, 2011
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and older)

Kinect Disneyland Adventures is the ideal game for players looking to bring the Disneyland experience home. Featuring a near perfect virtual replica of Disneyland, players can wander around the park, greeting iconic Disney characters and interacting with them in many ways. All interactions are done using motion controls, letting you hug, wave hello, or snap a photo with your character. There are a range of themed areas to explore, from the quintessential small town feel of Main Street U.S.A. all the way back to the topsy turvy architecture found in Mickey's Toontown. In each location there are mini-games that can be played, including a fast-paced game of croquet in Alice in Wonderland's area, a Matterhorn bobsled race, London sky soaring as Peter Pan, and the regional dance mimicking in It's a Small World. It's a fantastic package for families that love Disney (and really, are there any that don't?), and both parents and children will have hours of fun here.

All four titles above are available now on Kinect for Xbox 360.

[This article originally appeared on the Future Shop Tech Blog]