Wii U Launch Photos (Toronto)


By Paul Hunter

The launch of the Wii U was a big day for Nintendo fans across the country.  The new Nintendo gaming console promises to usher in a new era of gaming with its innovative Wii U GamePad.

Since the big Wii U reveal announcement at last year's E3, the industry has been buzzing about the revolutionary Wii U GamePad which features a 6.2" LCD touch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and is intended to supplement the gameplay on your main display.  The touch screen can be used in a variety of innovative ways, such as scanning objects, accessing your inventory, solving puzzles or selecting sports plays.  Furthermore, with some Wii U games it's possible to play them right on the Wii U GamePad, freeing up your television during times when other family members want use it.

To give Nintendo fans in Toronto a chance to test out the new Wii U GamePad first-hand, Nintendo took to the streets with a huge gaming truck and a tent filled with launch title games such as New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Just Dance 4 and FIFA 13.  Hundreds of gamers came out to sample the new Wii U console, get their photos taken with giant Mii mascots walking about, and to relax with a cup a hot chocolate provided by Nintendo.

It was a lot of fun to check out the event, and without a doubt the enthusiasm from the crowd for Wii U was high.  The diverse line-up of games, which catered to hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike, seemed to have something for everyone.

And of course, see below for photos (with descriptions) of the Nintendo Wii U launch event in Toronto!

The Wii U game truck

Miis jumping for joy because Wii U is finally available!

At the Nintendo Land select screen

Dancers playing Just Dance 4

A gamer player New Super Mario Bros. U

Another gamer checks out New Super Mario Bros. U

A gamer plays FIFA 13

The Wii U GamePad

The Wii U console and GamePad

They even have Wii U cups!

Wii U is available now.

[This article originally appeared on the Future Shop Tech Blog]