The Last of Us Review

By Paul Hunter

Two decades after a fungal infection outbreak, the world's population has been decimated. Nearly 60% of humanity has either died or has been infected by the fungus, turning its hosts into grotesque zombie-like creatures. The United States government has been dissolved, replaced by a new authority going by the name "FEDRA" or the Federal Disaster Response Agency. This military-controlled group has established Quarantine Zones across the US and strict martial law has been imposed to maintain some semblance of order. Those who are infected are quickly segregated and put to death, whereas those unaffected live off food rations and must abide by strict curfews or risk the penalty of death. Outside the safe zones, nature has reclaimed civilization. Pockets of survivors have banded together, some forming independent settlements while others becoming lawless nomadic groups known as Hunters. For many, there remains few moral boundaries uncrossed. Welcome to the world of The Last of Us.

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