Bravely Default - Review

By Paul Hunter

A few short minutes into playing Bravely Default and it couldn’t be more obvious that this Nintendo 3DS role-playing game (RPG) is really a Final Fantasy title incognito. Even before the story begins, a foreboding prologue has a fairy calling you to duty and beseeching you to promise her that “you’ll stay to the very end”, as if a burdensome tale, starring you, is about to unfold. Then, moments later, your call to action is intensified when a beautiful young vestal in obvious distress pleads with you to save her friends, the world, and “become the warrior of light.” If any doubts of the game’s lineage still linger, the subsequent introduction of a world powered by elemental crystals thrown into peril by an unknown evil force will surely convince you that this is a Final Fantasy game through-and-through.

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