Create, Connect and Innovate at Microsoft Surface Café: The Darcys and Michael Wekerle

By Paul Hunter

The Surface Pro 3 launch celebration at Microsoft's pop-up Surface Café continued on Day 2 of the weekend long event, with Toronto's own Jason Couse and Wes Marksell from The Darcys taking the stage in front of a jam-packed crowd of fans.

The session kicked-off with a Q&A period hosted by renowned radio host, Josie Dye, from 102.1 The Edge, who you could tell by her excitement was a big fan of The Darcys. Josie asked about the band's rise to success in the Toronto art-rock scene, with Couse and Marksell commenting that their big break was being signed by major indie record label Arts & Crafts. The label has a huge footprint in the Canadian music industry, with some of their current artists including Moby, Hayden, Broken Social Scene, Fiest, and more.

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