Sep 30, 2008

Marriott Hotels now with more Wii

Today in my Twitter feed I came across this post from Marriott Hotels "Hey gamers, testing Wii systems at some of our hotels. Read the Wall Street Journal for more -"

It looks like the Marriott Hotel chain is launching a new program where guests can pre-book the Wii while staying with them (at select hotels).

The list of games is currently sitting around 20 games including these popular titles; Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy, and also Wii Fit. Don't forget you can bring your own games while traveling - or find a local rental/retail location to pick up your favorite game if they are not available direct from Marriott.

The Wii package includes unlimited use of the Wii in your own guest room and a basket of treats to eat while you play. All your favorite games including the Super Mario series, Wii Sports and the new Wii Fit so you can even work out in modern style in your room! to book via the internet use code XY0 (XYZero)

Sep 28, 2008

Ask Me Questions: LittleBigPlanet & SOCOM Betas

I did it. I have a key. Or should I say keys plural.

September has been a really awesome month for me. Not only did I get my hands on a SOCOM: Confrontation beta key, but just today I managed to get my eager hands on a LittleBigPlanet beta. I just finished downloaded the beta, and will be firing up the game for the first time in mere minutes.

If you have any questions regarding either betas please drop a message here. I'll do my best to answer each and every question you may have.

I'm so excited, weee!

[Thanks Jon for the keys - you rock!]

Nintendo of Canada's Awesome Shrunken Head Campaign

Every man has a list of health problems they hope don't happen to them during their lifetime. Male-pattern baldness, myopia and impotence come to mind. Well, after seeing Nintendo's new 'Build Your Brain' ad campaign I am officially adding shrunken head syndrome to my list.

The ad on the right is one of many that have been appearing around Toronto in the past two weeks. Each ad contains two people (generally 40-something couples), with one person having an abnormally tiny head. Yes folks, this is what happens if you don't have your daily dose of Brain Age.

The ad reads:

"As you age your brain shrinks. So stay sharp with 17 new activities on Brain Age 2. They're a fun and rewarding mental workout in minutes a day. Only on Nintendo DS."

Just look at that poor, poor fellow. His wife really needs to buy him a DS - and soon.

Coincidently, Gamasutra ran a story back on Thursday featuring a new UK-based study that seems to back-up Nintendo's "brain boosting" claims. A nine week test showed that using Brain Age improved the math score of grade schoolers by 50%. I'll be honest, I've been skeptical of Brain Age's effects since the game came out two years ago, but this new study is very impressive.

In case you're interested, the Build Your Brain campaign links back to Nintendo of Canada's Pick Up And Play website that was launched this summer. Yes, this is the same website that encouraged us back in July to grab our loved ones for a romantic dinner and Wii date.

[Photo courtesy of Rosano - thanks!]

Sep 23, 2008


NextGen Player Feature Article
By Nymity

Spoiler Alert: Female Gamer Talking – She probably won’t be discussing the same things you are interested in. Deal with it!

Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

A new MMORPG is out and the servers are filling up fast.

Let me walk you through our household character creation process.

Husband – I’m not going to play any goody-goody races! I want to be a Greenskin. Chaos rules.

Me – Okaaaay, but are the evil females ugly? I don’t want an ugly character.

Husband – You can be a Dark Elf. They’re sexy and I don’t think they’ve invented clothes yet.

Me – I’m fine with no clothes, but I do get armour right?

Husband – Yesss.

Result? I’m a dark elf or Druchii with Witch Elf skills, the equivalent of a rogue. And, since they run around in next-to-nothing and they are very sexy looking, there are an awful lot of them at the moment. Unfortunately that means that there are a high percentage of men behind those avatars, who can’t think up a better character name than Fivedollabj. I’m soooo happy =/

Having pre-ordered through direct2drive, so that I could start playing last week, I had to reset my account key after the full launch on Friday. It might have been clever to read all the way through the instructions they sent me -- instead I buzzed my husbands cell phone and begged him to walk me through this strange new process. Techie husbands are the best!

So let’s get down to the game. I’m now rank 10 so I have a lot of experience to share.

Of course the focus of Warhammer, is team RVR … that’s when you and another player are involved in killing each other’s characters for the good of the realm. Specifically it is Order vs Chaos. I have never been a big PVP (player vs player) gamer. That may be because at heart I just want everyone to love me.

Warhammer eases you into the idea that RVR & PVP are fun by giving you XP for your time spent killing each other. Woot! The systemauto-groups, for people who don’t already have their own group, and auto-balances the player levels so that anyone can play together.

This was so easy to manage that I’ve already killed 13 other players! Yay! This is of course no comparison to my husband’s 300+ kill log but it’s more than I’ve ever killed before and I’m damn proud.

The only problem that still remains is my scream. When I get hit by players in-game, I scream. When I scream, my husband has a near death experience that costs him at least 1 day of life. I’m having so much fun that I don’t care (although I may increase his life insurance coverage).

Warhammer also promotes team play during PVE (player vs environment). There are public quests where you and anyone else who happens to be in that area can work together as individuals to achieve the various steps in the quest. Along the way, each person working on those goals earns influence.

Once the quest finale has been reached, the game makes two calculations:

1 – how much effort did you put into all stages of the quest, and
2 – a random dice roll.

These two numbers are added up and a loot bag is assigned to you. You get to choose 1 item from your loot bag of 6 or 7 items, 1 of which is cash. There is no loot stealing! No more 1 good piece of loot to divvy up between 6 cranky people! The worst problem I’ve seen is to have so many people helping on the quest that the value of the loot decreases (because of the lower difficulty of completing the quest). But, you can do the public quest as many times as you want to; to try for better loot, a greater portion of the work.

I haven’t talked about influence, renown or what you can buy with them and I haven’t touched on crafting.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll try to write more.

Happy gaming to you!

- Nymity

New Punisher game exclusive to PSN

Today on the PlayStation blog, Zsolt Kigyossy (Managing Director of Zen Studios) announced a new Punisher game called Punisher No Mercy will be coming exclusively to the PSN.

The game will feature a first person perspective with arena-based multiplayer gameplay. The game will also run on the Unreal Engine 3 - which is probably the best engine for a FPS game. This game will mark the first FPS developed solely for the PSN.

Zen Studios have set up an official website for the game and will update it to provide more details as they come. You can visit the site at

Sep 21, 2008

Is This The Future Shop Canada Trade-In Value Formula?

Back in June we posted about Future Shops impending entry into the used video game market. It looks like the moment has arrived, as a number of Cheap Ass Gamer forum goers have already noticed their local Future Shops have begun selling pre-owned games. While the program was supposed to launch nation-wide, it now appears that select Future Shops launched the program on September 15, with a full roll-out coming later in the year.

In the forum discussion, a poster by the name of gamer602 claims he has uncovered the Future Shop trade-in value formula, which is:

(Used game price ÷ 2) - 10% = Trade-in value

The example given for Mario Galaxy is as follows:

Mario Galaxy USED 39.99
Divided by 2 = $20
Minus 10%
Final Value = $18

Not bad I suppose, certainly higher than I would expect to get at EB Games.

Another distinct advantage Future Shop has over competitor EB Games is that according to some customer comments, you can redeem trade-in store credit for anything in the store (e.g. Ipods, computers, tvs). That feature alone might be enough to convince many gamers to switch store loyalty.

Since this is a brand new trading program, it's not without it's launch hiccups. Many posters on the Cheap Ass Gamer forum are telling stories of long delays processing trade-ins (up to 15 minutes for three games). Another common complaint is that Future Shop issues a separate 'store credit' card each time you bring in games, instead of loading up one central card as does EB Games. One shopper even commented that you can only use one 'store credit' card per sale, meaning if you have three cards with $20 each, you can't trade them in for a $60 item.

Interesting forum comments, and worth a read.

Source: FS: Trade in your games! Nationwide ROLLOUT [Cheap Ass Gamer]

NextGen Player Featured On Jade's Gamer Speak

Xbox Canada community leader Jaken Bear recently posted an article on Jade's Gamer Speak column encouraging Canadian Xbox fans to read our coverage of X'08 Canada.

NextGen Player writer Andrew Shin (a.k.a. Drumega) wrote a comprehensive review of the event, including his impressions of some of the Xbox 360's hottest fall games. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, you can check out the article here.

Sep 20, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Play & Win Sweepstakes

Microsoft and Rockstar are running a contest the weekend of September 26th and giving you a chance to win some GTA swag. There’s also a grand prize of an Xbox 360 Elite console, LCPD Tee, GTA IV pool cue, dart board, baseball bat, 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription card and 4,000 Microsoft Points. I’d say that’s worth trying for.

To enter, log on to LIVE and download the Cause Chaos LIVE Weekend Gamer Picture/Theme. After that, play some multi-player GTA4 on the 26th, 27th or 28th of this month and you’ll be entered in the sweepstakes for that day. Best of all, this contest is available to people in both the US and Canada for a change, so there’s no excuse for us igloo dwellers.

If you want more information, you can find the full contest rules here.

See you in Liberty City next weekend.

The Rising Popularity of Gamer-cise Gyms for Kids in Canada

The CBC has an interesting article up right now discussing the growth of interactive fitness facilities for children in Canada. According to the write-up, a study by the the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association found that 1.3 million children ages six to 11 are members of a health club. A growing % of these children are finding interactive gyms, equipped with variety of video games consoles hooked up to exercise machines, to be a motivational alternative to traditional health clubs.

Bulldog Interactive Fitness For Youth, Canada's first interactive fitness facility is a leading this new craze with 10 locations across the country since it's inception in 2005. The gym offers interactive programs for children aged 3 to teen, which include games such as Dance Dance Revolution, racing game DiRT (hooked up to an exercise bike), and Wii Sports. Very cool indeed.

Last year we heard of one gym in Vancouver that has introduced a similar type program for adults. With the number of gamer-cise gyms opening their doors and the current Wii fitness explosion, I wonder if we're seeing a true paradigm shift in the way we perceive exercise.

Source: Health clubs, exercise equipment for kids take over from play time [CBC news]

Sep 18, 2008

Shigeru Miyamoto Named 2008 “Nite to Unite for Kids” Honoree

The ESA announced today that Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo Co., Ltd., will be receiving the 2009 ESA Champion Award at the annual “Nite to Unite for Kids” dinner. This is an annual award sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association Foundation. Shigeru is being honoured for "his remarkable creativity and passion for fun" and for the Iconic games that have been produced by Nintendo under his guidance.

This event will take place on Wednesday, October 22, in San Francisco at the Westin St. Francis Hotel.

Past Honorees include:
  • George Lucas
  • Dan DeMatteo (GameStop)
  • Bing Gordon (EA)
  • Michael Goldstein (Toys ‘R Us’)
  • Howard Lincoln (Nintendo)
  • Isao Ogawa (Sega)
  • Ken Kutaragi (Sony)
Photo: random_j

Sep 17, 2008

Games Convention Organizers Eyeing Canada For New Gaming Show

We knew from a press release back in August that the organizers of the Leipzig Games Convention were eyeing North America as the location of a brand new gaming show. It seems they've narrowed their search and will be selecting a location in Canada.

Speaking to Gamekyo, the Games Convention organizers said:

'We'll decide about the place of the new event in cooperation with the games industry. It seems to become a city in Canada, not in the US. We'll inform you as soon as we arrived at a decision […], we are still in negotiation.'

Hmmm, considering we already have Vancouver and Montreal gaming summits, will they select a third city? Or will Vancouver or Montreal get lucky and receive a second major gaming show?

Source: A new Games Convention in Canada [Gamekyo - via Kotaku]

Photos From The Past - Xbox X'08 Canada Event

In late August, the NextGen Player crew visited the Xbox X'08 Canada event to get sneak previews of some of the top titles expected to hit the Xbox 360 this fall. It was a really awesome event as many eagerly anticipated titles including Gears of War 2, Rockband 2, Fable II, and Too Human available for play. There were so many games on display it was damn near impossible to play them all.

While I was there, I managed to snag some photos. I think you'll enjoy them, so I uploaded the photos to Flickr and organized them in an album. Click here for the album, or hit the thumbnails below.


Sep 16, 2008

NGP Fans Go Postal, Win Big!

Our "NGP Goes Postal Contest" is officially over!

After much deliberation, I am pleased to announce that we have selected our grand prize winner and our two almost-grand prize winners. We've also drew seven names out of our magic hat for our runner-up prizes.

Let me just say it was a tough decision to select the winning haikus. They were all so, so good (and many were so, so funny). Our readers are unquestionably filled to the tip with poetic talent.

The winning haikus embodied that unique mix of almost correct haiku structure, over the top hilarity-slash-derangement, and generally made us all warm and fuzzy inside.

So here you have it, I present to you the winners of the Postal haiku contest:

Grand Prize Winner
- Copy of the Postal Fudge Pack (5 games in 1 game compilation)
- Postal DVD
- Postal movie poster

By Morgan
Postal looks silly
Is that Not Scut Farkus
Osama is a Jerk


Two Almost-Grand Prize Winners
- Postal DVD
- Postal movie poster

By Micheal R.
Delivering sucks
The mail is much too heavy
Angry people die

By Corina N.
It is time to snap,
The twig can bear no more weight,
You're all gonna die.


We also have seven runner-ups that will be receiving a free copy of Postal on DVD. All contest winners will be contacted via email shortly.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more contests!

WipEout HD Launch Date and Price

As reported on the PlayStation blog, WipEout HD will be launching on Thursday, September 25th and downloadable via the PSN for just $19.99. This popular racing title comes to the PS3 with nextgen features which includes FULL HD 1080P resolution, SIXAXIS motion steering and trophy support.

Other great features include:

- 5 game modes (single race, tournament, time trial, speed lap and zone mode)
- online play supporting up to 8 racers
- 2 player split screen for local play (horizontal or vertical)
- 8 reversible tracks and 12 teams
- soundtrack that is presented in Dolby 5.1
- ability to play custom playlists from your PS3's HDD

Happy racing!

Sep 12, 2008

A Dreaded Conversation

Hey Mercenaries 2, come in and sit down next to me for a minute. We need to talk. Don’t stare at me like that, you knew this was going to happen. Let’s face it, we’re not right for each other. I know when we started this thing we agreed it was just for fun. Nothing serious right? No real plot to speak of, Resident Evil-quality dialogue, as much depth as a pothole. That was all ok though, we both knew what we were getting into.

The thing is...I need more. I need a game that offers something more substantial than tanks and airstrikes! I need character development! I need guns that fire accurately, not ones that spray bullets wildly no matter the range. Listen, you’ve got some great qualities. I can’t remember the last time I saw fire effects like yours. The first time I dropped a Daisy Cutter bomb on a Venezuelan Army installation and my character had to shield her eyes from the blast, I thought we’d be together longer than this. Oh, and flying a helicopter while dodging SAM fire and tank shells never got old. You just need some time to mature a little. I mean, you were in development a long time, and you still have issues. I clip through hills, your AI won’t be winning any Mensa awards and worst of all, you have game breaking bugs that halt gameplay altogether. Those bugs worry me the most. Maybe you should get tested?

I won’t lie to you...I’ve been thinking about an ex a lot lately. You might know it...Bioshock? Bioshock’s dependable! It’s smart, and mysterious and makes me think about the world around me! What can you offer like that? More airstrikes? Fiona telling me that “if you ever get lost, just come back to the PMC, I might have suggestions” for the 800th time in an hour? Here’s a suggestion Fiona, record more than 3 lines of speech for Mercs 3. Even with your Aussie accent I grew to hate you for bugging me so often.

I still want to hang out now and then ok? Let’s just be friends. Oh, and I’m keeping your achievement points. It’s not like you were stingy with giving them out, were you?

Sep 11, 2008

Update: Top 20 August Titles Revealed; Numbers Unsurprisingly Remain a Mystery

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Speaking to the Globe and Mail tonight, the NPD Group revealed the full top 20 software list for Canada. In a rather unsurprising move, we get names but no numbers. However, let's not gripe, oh no. Let's all savour the moment.

And look - is that Too Human I see there in the top 10? Praise Thor!

1. Wii Fit – Wii
2. Mario Kart Wii – Wii
3. Madden NFL 09 – Xbox 360
4. Wii Play – Wii
5. Madden NFL 09 – PlayStation 3
6. Soul Calibur IV – Xbox 360
7. Too Human – Xbox 360
8. Guitar Hero: On Tour – Nintendo DS
9. Rock Band: Special Edition Bundle – Wii
10. New Super Mario Bros. – Nintendo DS
11. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day – Nintendo DS
12. Soul Calibur IV – PlayStation 3
13. Mario Party – Nintendo DS
14. Super Smash Bros: Brawl – Wii
15. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day – Nintendo DS
16. Rock Band: Special Edition Bundle – PlayStation 2
17. Mario Kart – Nintendo DS
18. Pokemon: Diamond – Nintendo DS
19. Super Mario Galaxy – Wii
20. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Wii

Source: Nintendo dominates August software sales chart [The Globe and Mail]

Nintendo Canada Sells a Lot of Games in August! Guess Which Ones?

[Update: the top 20 was just revealed, click here for the list]

Ah, it's the second Thursday of the month and that can mean only one thing. Another round of NPD software sales figures and the obligatory corporate PR spins. Or at least in an ideal world. You see, unlike our good friends to the south, up here in Canada the NPD Group doesn't provide us with hard numbers. Oh it's true, they most certainly don't. Instead, they issue teaser statistics like "Nintendo video games account for 14 of the top 20 in Canada in August". On occasion they even tell us the names of video games that made it onto the top 20, like this month! We're told the top 5 titles for August are:

1. Wii Fit
2. Mario Kart Wii
3. Madden NFL 09 (Xbox 360)
4. Wii Play
5. Madden NFL 09 (PS3)

Of course I have no idea just how many of each title was sold. Maybe it was even in the thousands!

The big question of the month is where did the much hyped Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human land on the top 20 list? Looks like we might not find out. Is there anyone out there brass enough to take a wild guess?

Source: Nintendo video games account for 14 of the top 20 in Canada in August [680 News]

Best Buy Canada's Wii for Women

Best Buy Canada is promoting its Wii for Women event on their website. The event will take place on Sunday, September 21st at a number of Best Buy stores across Canada. Women will be able to try out the ever popular Wii Fit as well as other lifestyle products on both the Wii and DS.

There will also be hourly draws for Nintendo DS games and Best Buy gift certs. Participants also have the opportunity to win one of 2 grand prizes - either a Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS Prize Pack.

For more details, click below to visit the site:

Sep 10, 2008

Mega64 Does PaRappa Better Than PaRappa

While at the Fan Expo last month, I had the pleasure to meet the guys at Mega64. The comedy group, based in San Diego, California, take to the streets and act out short skits centred around their favourite video games.

During the opening sequence of their Fan Expo panel discussion, the Mega64 team unveiled their latest skit - PaRappa The Rapper. They just uploaded the video to YouTube, and trust me this is a must-watch clip.

Ch-ch-check it out:

Parappa The Rapper [Mega64]

Resistance 2 Beta Sign Up

Those of you who are fans of Resistance Fall of Man and are itching for the November release of Resistance 2 can now have the opportunity to sign up for the chance to be selected as a beta tester for the game.

Sign up for the Resistance 2 beta can be found here:

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Have a PlayStation Network account
2. Own a PS3
3. Your PS3 must be connected online

Good luck!

Sep 8, 2008

LoadingReadyRun's Interview With Uwe Boll

With the Uwe Boll Postal Contest we have running here at NextGen Player, a lot of people have been asking my opinion on the notorious film director. Well, let's just say that I didn't vote for cheese dip on our website poll.

For those of you interested in knowing more about the director, I highly recommend you watch this video interview by the LoadingReadyRun guys. For those of you unfamiliar with LRR, they are a hilarious Canadian comedy crew based in Victoria, BC.

Enjoy the interview, you might *gasp* even leave impressed.

Source: LoadingReadyRun

Nuit Blanche To Feature Wii-Remote 'Gun' Paintbrush Exhibit

Well, here's one for the so-strange-it-might-be-cool pile.

According to the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto website, this year's event will feature an art gallery entitled The Artillerist that "involves networking a series of Wii controllers embedded in fake plastic toy guns enabling visitors to use them as a series of customized 'brushes'" to create original digital works of art. Apparently by pointing-and-shooting your Wii remotes on the provided digital canvases, participants can paint original designs and then output a hi-resolution 11x17 print relica of your composition.

Pixel, the group behind this art installation, will be compiling and documenting the user-created work on their Flickr gallery.

Is it just me, or does the mere thought of using a Wii remote, locked and loaded in a plastic gun case and used to create digital pixel art, not sound like one of the most innovative uses of the device? Looks like someone finally showed up Nintendo!

Source - Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Still time to enter NextGen Player's Postal Contest

Only one week to go - get your Haiku in for the Postal DVD Giveaway.

We got some very funny entries and a few that make little sense, but qualify just the same - I think one even has a chance at the grand prize

Here is a brief reminder of our Prizes:

Grand Prize (best haiku)
- Copy of the Postal Fudge Pack (5 games in 1 game compilation)
- Postal DVD
- Postal movie poster
Two Almost-Grand Prize winners will receive: (2nd/3rd best haikus)
- Postal DVD
- Postal movie poster
Seven runner-ups will receive: (Random)
- Postal DVD
The deadline for submission is September 15, 2008.

Send your haiku to

Sep 7, 2008

EB Games Canada Drops 20GB Xbox 360 Price by an Additional $40

Remember the 20GB Xbox 360 Pro consoles that Microsoft announced they were phasing out in August?

Well, it looks like some of these units are still kicking around, as EB Games Canada now has them listed on their website for 259.99. That's a $40 reduction from their previous price tag. If you're looking to jump onto the next gen bandwagon for less than the price of a Wii, and don't want to buy that HDD-less 360 Arcade bundle, then this just might be the deal for you.

Source: EB Games Canada

Relive The MLG Pro Circuit Toronto Halo 3 Finals

I bought a ticket to the 2008 Fan Expo for two reasons:

1) to admire the oddly fascinating assemblage of cosplayers; and
2) to watch the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Toronto event live.

In both respects, I was not let down.

As my first Major League Gaming event, I had modest expectations. I figured that as an obsessive gamer, I'm much more acclimated to hands-on gaming, rather than spectator gaming. To my surprise, watching pro gamers frag each other silly is actually quite entertaining. The energy in the building was intense, with MLG Toronto fans chanting their favourite players' names coupled with dynamic commentators giving the crowd play-by-play.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly watching the final ninety minutes of the Halo 3 tournament. We witnessed the sweet revenge of Walshy as he lead team Instinct to victory over Final Boss - the very team that dropped him from their roster a month prior.

After the match, MLG commentator Chris Puckett ask Walshy what it was like to just beat the team that gave him the boot, and Walshy replied:

"It was like taking candy from a baby...but I think the baby would put up the better fight."

Ohhh, that's got to sting.

For those of you who may have missed out on the event, you can relive the moment by watching a streamed recording of the tournament finals on the MLG website.

To watch the Toronto Halo 3 finals, click here to jump to the MLG Championship Sunday video page.

Sep 5, 2008

Zellers Confirms Xbox 360 Price Drop In Canada

See that small Zellers ad over there to the right? I clipped it from page 16 of the Zellers ad that takes effect on Saturday, September 6th. Despite being a very, very poor quality image, if you squint your eyes hard enough you can read the following:

"NEW lower prices on ALL Xbox 360 Hardware
Arcade Edition....$199
Pro Edition.......$299
Elite Edition.....$399"

Confirmed - Canada has joined in the Xbox price slashing party! Now who's up for getting bubbly on champagne?

Sep 3, 2008

There's Still Time To Go Contest Crazy

I thought I'd throw out a quick reminder to everyone that there is still time to get in on the Postal contest we have running right now. We're giving away tons of frees goodies including:

- Copy of the Postal Fudge Pack (5 games in 1 game compilation)
- 10 Postal DVDs
- 3 Postal movie posters

In order to enter, all you have to do is send us a short haiku poem about going postal to

If you're like me and feel too lazy to write an original haiku, then I'll make it easy for everyone, simply copy and paste the poem below into an email and mail it to us. This won't win you the grand prize but you may win one of our 7 random draw prizes.

Haikus suck so much
They are the worst kind of poem
Here's my stinkin' entry

See. Easy as mom's homemade apple pie.

Best of luck!

Awesome Collection of Fan Expo 2008 Cosplayers

Oh cosplayers, you make my life so colourful and decorative.

The best part about attending the Fan Expo 2008 unquestionably is to see all the cosplayers in all their unbridled cosplayfulness. I saw frolicking Mario's, disquieting gun-totting space marines and even an oddly disproportionate somersaulting Mega Man. Yes, all this for a mere $45. Money - Well - Spent.

Fortunately for everyone, I love to share. It's my absolute most favourite thing to do. I love sharing even more than I love cheese dip, if you can believe it.

If you want to check out the cosplayers from the Fan Expo, all you have to do is click here for the album.

Or if you want, click on the thumbnails below. You see, at NextGen Player we're all about options, and cheese dip.