Sep 19, 2012

Review: Energizer Ultimate Lithium & Recharge Batteries

By Paul Hunter

As any huge techie can attest to, using batteries is essential to our daily lives. Whether its AA batteries in our point-and-shoot cameras, or closer to home, our wireless video game controllers, we simply can't live without them. The problem is, most batteries just simply don't last very long. For a serious photographer and gamer like me, having batteries you can trust to last is important to enjoying what we love to do most. So, when Energizer offered me a chance to test out their Ultimate Lithium (AA) and Recharge batteries (AA), two of their longest-lasting batteries on the market, I must say I was pretty excited.

Sep 17, 2012

Review: Riot Fest Toronto

By Paul Hunter

Riot Fest hit Toronto this past Sunday and brought with a walk down punk memory lane that would make any past Warped Tour fan smitten with joy. With bands from all eras of punk music, from pioneers like NOFX and the Descendents, to local newcomers, Riot Fest brought back that 90's punk feeling that only aggressive lyrics mixed with distorted power chords can provide.

Sep 13, 2012

Riot Fest Rocked Toronto: Photos

By Paul Hunter

The Fort York Garrison Common was rockin' this past Sunday as the inaugural Riot Fest descended upon Toronto. The all-day rock, punk and underground musical festival brought iconic bands to the city including NOFX, The Descendents, Andrew W.K. and Toronto's own, Fucked Up.

Sep 8, 2012

Riot Fest Invades Toronto on Sept 9

By Paul Hunter

On September 9th, Toronto plays host to Riot Fest, the Chicago-born music festival known for bringing together influential rock, punk and underground music artists from across musical eras, all under one roof. This is the first year the popular music festival, which formed in 2005, has come to Toronto and also marks the first-ever Riot Fest show in Canada.

Sep 7, 2012

“Fugget About It” Premieres Tonight At 10pm on TELETOON!

By Paul Hunter

I recently had the privilege to visit the TELETOON office in downtown Toronto for a sneak peak of two episode from "Fugget About It", an original new comedy series premiering tonight at 10pm on TELETOON At Night.