Apr 22, 2018

Review: eneloop Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery

By Paul Hunter

As someone who has been reviewing video game controllers and PC gaming accessories for nearly a decade now, I know how essential it is these days to have batteries you can trust. Gone are the days of messy wires tangling up our living space, and in their place are wireless devices—many of which are powered by AA and AAA batteries. Given how much rechargeable battery technology has progressed in recent years, it seems almost silly to go the disposable battery route for high-drain devices. The much better financial and environmentally-friendly way is to use rechargeable batteries.

The problem is, most rechargeable batteries just simply don't retain their charging capacity for very long. If you’re a serious gamer like me, having batteries you know can last is important to enjoying what we love to do most. So, when Panasonic offered me a chance to test out their eneloop AA and AAA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries, considered by many to be the best rechargeable batteries on the market, I must say I was pretty excited.