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In a short period of time, NextGen Player has established itself as the largest and most prominent Canadian gaming blog and the #1 news source for Canadian gamers.

We are always on the hunt for enthusiastic gamers looking to explore the wonderful world of videogame journalism or have other skills we might be interested in.

To join the NGP team all we ask is that you are passionate about the Canadian Gaming community, have strong opinions, and possess an insatiable penchant for writing.

We are an independent gaming outlet that publishes a wide variety of content including coverage of breaking Canadian video game news, game reviews and opinion pieces, coverage of live Canadian gaming events, and more.

At NGP we are not afraid of speaking our minds - and neither should you!

The system works on a work-for-free basis, but you can enjoy a number of "perks" such as:

- Exposure to hundreds of thousands of gamers on Canada's largest gaming blog
- Invitations to exclusive media gaming events
- Opportunity to meet and interview gaming's top industry leaders
- Play all the hottest games, sometimes before the street date
- Free "merch" such as t-shirts, posters, and other giveaways

And of course you get to meet and hang out with the coolest game writers in Canada - Team NGP!

If you're interested just drop us a line, tell us a bit about yourself. If you have examples of your writing that's a bonus. We hope you can be part of the team.

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