Wii Buy Consoles, Not Games

Ah, the Wii. While developers are busy debating whether the console is merely a fad, or a true next gen system, Canadians are still snapping up the great white machine in record numbers.

But while console sales are red hot, it seems Wii software isn't fairing so well here. According to an article posted yesterday on The Globe And Mail website, the real (and persistent!) problem it is that Wii owners are lovin' their Nintendo published games, and haven't the same liking to 3rd party software. It's such a shame really. There are plenty of great 3rd party titles out there being ignored (I'm looking at you No More Heroes & Bully.)

But hey, at least we're all snug and cozy with Capcom. Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles both million sellers? Yes, I think so.