Canadian Gaming Deals, May 3rd Edition

Holy fugally frugalness, there are so many hot Canadian gaming deals this week I barely know where to begin.

Let's see, Dell Canada is offering both the White DS Lite and the Pink DS Lite for the ridiculously low price of $99.99. They would definitely be a great gift for Mother's Day.

Next, has a Spring Cleaning promotion on all May with all games listed being 50% off or more. While many of the games are of average quality, there are still some good deals to be found:

- Battalion Wars 2 (Wii) $22.50
- Nights (Wii) $19.99
- Spiderman (360) $22.50
- Xbox wireless controller Halo version (360) $48.59
- Mario vs. Donkey Kong (DS) $15.00
- Master of Illusion (DS) $12.60
- Madden NFL 08 (PS2) $13.50

And last, but most certainly not least, make sure to check out the Cheap Ass Gamer Canadian forum for a listing of deals from Future Shop, Best Buy and Zellers.

In there you can find deals on God of War: CoO (PSP), Dark Sector (360), Professor Layton (DS), Bully (360), Tiger Woods (Wii), Mario Galaxy (Wii), and many more.

Have a happy (and cheap) gaming week, all!