LOST PS3 Contest: You Can Enter 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, or 42 Times

I am absolutely addicted to ABC's Lost. Yeah, sure Season Three was a sore spot on the otherwise pristine serial drama, but J. J. Abrams and the gang redeemed themselves with a (thus far) thrilling Season Four.

For Canadian LOST fans out there, you might be interested in a contest Sony, Ubisoft and ABC Studios are running on the playstation.ca website, with the Grand Prize being a free copy of LOST: Via Domus for the Playstation 3.

A word of caution however: in order to qualify for a chance to win the game, you need to answer 10 LOST trivia questions - and get at least 7/10 correct. For LOST regulars, this shouldn't be much of a problem; however, if you've never seen the show you probably have little chance of correctly answering the questions (unless of course, you happen to be named Jacob, then maybe).

The contest runs until midnight on June 2, and according to the Rules and Regulations you're allowed "five entries per eligible person per day throughout the promotional period." According to my calculations, that means I could enter up to 70 more times if my persistence keeps up for the next 13 days.

Oh, and if you choose not to enter the contest I won't hold it against you. The LOST game did get an embarassingly low score of 53% according to Metacritic's ranking. But hey, it's free to enter, and there are apparently LOST hints and clues scattered about in the game, so it might be worth checking out.