Playstation® Canada Expanding Facebook Presence (Tomorrow!?)

Most nights when I log into my Facebook account I follow the same tried and true routine: i) return-poke friends on my 'you've been poked' list; 2) resist Facebook stalking friends; and finally 3) delete spam distribution list messages in my Inbox.

But on the evening of Thursday, May 1st I broke tradition. Not only did I read a distribution message, I actually kept it in my inbox [insert shocked emoticon here!].

The message was from Playstation Canada, informing me that in 7 days or more (i.e. May 8th or later) the Playstation Facebook Group would be evolving into a full-blown Facebook Page. Normally I wouldn't get this excited, but it was the first Facebook communication from Playstation Canada I have received since joining the group about a month ago.

So what exactly is the difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page? Well, this is what Sony had to say in the message:

"The PlayStation Canada Group is becoming a Facebook Page on or after Thursday, May 8.

A Facebook Page is a distinct presence, similar to but separate from a user profile, customized for musical artists, businesses, brands, and more to represent themselves on Facebook. You don't have to do anything to have your current group membership transfer to the PlayStation Canada Page. "
Hmmmm, a little vague, but interesting nonetheless. I browsed a few other Facebook Pages to get an idea of what some of the changes may be, but all the pages I visited were quite diverse and there were not many common elements between pages.

Needless to say, I can't wait to check it out tomorrow. Please Sony, if I can make one recommendation: add Scrabulous to your Facebook Page, I would love the opportunity to use my Brobdingnagian vocabulary to kick Jack Trenton's butt!