Race To The Big Screen With Cineplex And Mario Kart Wii

Cineplex Entertainment is celebrating the release of Mario Kart Wii in a big (screen!) way with a new Canadian promotion at select theatres in Alberta, B.C., Ontario, and Quebec.

The promotion started on May 8th and will run it's final lap on June 1st.

At the events, you'll have a chance to give Mario Kart Wii a test run and take home a free personalized Nintendo license. Very cool indeed.

Hmm...I think I would use the name "Birdo Blooper Jr." on my Nintendo license - after my three favourite characters from the Mario universe. I've always thought they'd make the perfect hybrid Nintendo character - imagine an evil, ink spewing androgynous egg-spitter. Scary. As. Hell.

To see all the Cineplex theatre locations hosting Mario Kart Wii events, check out the Cineplex website here.