Wii Fit Canadian Mall Tour, Do Aerobics In Public!

It's a good year to be Shigeru Miyamoto. When you're the creative genious behind such 2008 worldwide successes as Super Smash Bros. (3.66 million units sold in N.A.) and Mario Kart Wii (1.65 million units sold in N.A.) you can't help but grin from ear-to-ear. And to think - it's only May!

Brace yourself because tomorrow marks the date of Shigeru's next software juggernaut - Wii Fit - quite possibly Nintendo's biggest release of 2008. As of writing, the game is already listed as the Most Wished game on Amazon Canada, Amazon USA, and Amazon U.K. and apparently is selling at a rate of 2.5 units sold every minute according to Joystiq.com.

Not that Wii Fit actually needs advertising (it could easily thrive off mainstream press alone), but Nintendo have announced a Canadian mall tour that will visit British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. The tour will run from May 19 to June 15.

While the mall tour will will undoubtedly spur even more interest in the game, I might go just to see how foolish people will look doing balance board aerobics in the middle of a congested retail space. I would try the game out myself, but I don't how I'd feel if the game called me a Fatty McFatterson in public. I'd rather know that from the privacy of my own house, thank you very much.

Wednesday is going to be damn nuts. I think I'll pick up Wii Fit after the crowds die down a bit (if I can actually find a copy of the game, that is!)