Jun 3, 2008

Finally, A Wii Remote Candy Dispenser

Today was a rather routine day - I went to work, I came home, I played video games. That is of course until my girlfriend got home and presented me with a (very wee) gift. It was a tiny, imitation Wii Remote candy dispenser called (naturally) KLIK-on. Licensed by Nintendo no less.

I decided to take some photos of my experience opening the KLIK-on and share my personal review. The dispenser, surprisingly, is quite comfortable in your hands, and feels exactly like you'd think a miniature Wii Remote would. Since it's sans-batteries the KLIK-on weight is much lighter than a Wii Remote, however you can store candy in the battery compartment to add that little extra milligram of authenticity.

Well enough of the descriptions, for the unveiling of the KLIK-on it's all it's grandeur please visit our Page on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

you can also store your smokes in there too if you are into that sorta thing

Paul Hunter said...

Yes, you certainly could. I didn't take a picture of the battery compartment but it's quite spacious. You could hide a lot of things in there.

Anonymous said...

i like candy

Anonymous said...

no seriously...I really like candy

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