Gaming Expo 2008 - Featured Guests Announced

Hobby Star Marketing have announced the featured guests that will be appearing at this years Gaming Expo 2008 on August 22-24 in Toronto. The event is part of the larger Fan Expo Canada, a multigenre fan convention showcasing comic books, science fiction, anime, film/television and more.

For those unfamiliar with the Fan Expo, the convention's Wikipedia entry reads:

"The convention is the largest of its kind in Canada and among the largest in world, filling the entire South building of the Metro Toronto Convention Building with over 43,000 attendees in 2007."

The list of scheduled Gaming Expo 2008 featured guests includes:
The Gaming Expo 2008 will also features three members from Mega64, as well as RPG Designer, Don Perrin, Authors Pieter VanHiel and Brand Robins, RPG Creator Jason Holmgren, and the Lead Developer at Firestorm Ink Games.

(note: guest list is subject to change without notice)

Source: Gaming Expo 2008