Poll: Which Product Would You Rather Own?

All right, I have a question for everyone. But first, a little lead up.

My friend Mike runs a website called The Dollar Store Toybox where he rips apart cheap dollar store toys for our amusement. Last month he decided to pick up some construction paper from his local dollar store and create a (ahem...) genuine looking Guitar Hero guitar. This sick-looking guitar took approximately 3 hours to create and the raw material had a total cost of $3.50. One look at the paper guitar and I'm sure you'll agree me - it's a must-have product.

At the same time, Zellers is selling another must-have product - the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker. According to the product description, the air guitar "utilizes patented technology consisting of guitar picks and a rockin’ belt bucket that when connected to a wearable mini-amplifier allows air guitarists to jam freely". Basically, you strap an amp to your waist, strum the air like an idiot, and pretend you're making making. The regular price of this item is $29.99, but it's currently on sale for $29.97. That's right - you save 2 cents! You'd better hurry though, the deal is only on until June 13th.

So here's the question I'm putting to you. Which product would you rather own?