PS3 firmware v2.36 coming soon and v2.4 features confirmed

UPDATE (June 18th 10:22am ET): Various sources have confirmed that firmware v2.36 is now live and available for download.

Sony recently confirmed on their PlayStation Blog the new v2.36 firmware upgrade to be coming soon (no specific date given) with the main feature being improved stability when playing certain PlayStation software titles.

In addition to this announcement, Sony also confirmed that the soon to follow v2.4 firmware upgrade will include in-game XMB (Cross Media Bar) support as well as...wait...wait for it...a new feature currently named "trophies". From what I understand so far on this feature, it sounds as though it's the PS3's version of the XBOX 360 Achievement feature. As PS3 gamers can obtain trophies for reaching various points of progress within a game.

Some exciting news for PS3 owners as these are all features many of us are looking forward to. I will be following this story and provide any updates as the come.