R U a GTA4 Cheat???

Hello fellow GTA4 players out there.

I'm sure most of you playing GTA4 are either deep into the game or have completed it (how many of you can boast the 100% completion...huh...huh?).

That said, you may or may not be aware of some helpful cheats that can really boost your progress within the game. Either way, I thought I'd share some of this vital information and help you strive towards that 100% achievement.

When playing the game, get access to the internet. From there, type the following web address into the game's web browser.


This will take you to a forum style webpage with the title WHAT THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW - GET THE MOST OUT OF LIBERTY - ALL THE SECRETS ARE HERE (incidentally, if you type this same url into an actual browser, it will redirect you to Rockstar's GTA4 website).

You'll see a number of discussion topics that you can click on to get more details. Each topic provides valuable information ranging from cheats (using Niko's mobile phone is key here) to locations of all 200 pesky pigeons to shoot down.

One cool cheat is the ability to raise your wanted level. This comes in handy if you are still trying to get the One Man Army achievement (survive a 6 star wanted level for 5 mins). I just pulled out Niko's mobile phone and dialled the number 267-555-0150. Doing so raised my wanted level by one each instance until I maxed out at 6. From there I was able to survive the wanted level for the required 5 mins for my 40pt achievement. Saaawwweeeeetttttt!

However, be careful when using the various cheats as some of them block certain achievements.

Well, I hope you find this info useful and that it adds more enjoyment to your GTA4 experience. Until next time.