UPDATE: Live Pics @ Canada Wii Fit Mall Tour

Today I decided to get my lazy butt off the couch and pay a visit to the Toronto Eaton Centre to check out the Canada Wii Fit mall tour mentioned last month.

They had six Wii Balance Board stations set up, and I had the opportunity to watch mall shoppers test out a number of the included games. Many of them looked rather fun to play, especially the collection of balance games - such as Penguin Slide, Balance Bubble and Tightrope Walk. I don't think I have ever seen game players so happy in my entire life ...seriously.

The crowd was a very diverse mix of kids, parents and 20-something gamers. The reaction was so overwhelmingly positive it was almost shocking (I was expecting bubbly people, but not Miyamoto-happy people). Nintendo really has a nice cash-cow on their hands.

To view the full event picture album visit the NextGen Player Page on Facebook.

I've included a few teaser thumbnail photos below...