Update: PS3 Firmware 2.4 Details

A few weeks back I blogged about the upcoming PS3 Firmware 2.4 in which the main new features include in-game XMB and Trophies (similar to the Achievement feature with XBOX 360).

Aside from in-game XMB and Tropies, some of the other key features include an increase in the amount of friends you can have on your list to 100, mini-control panel for your music and internet search that is powered by Google and can be accessed directly via the XMB.

Our good friends at the Playstation Blog have posted a 2 part video on the in-game XMB and Trophies features. Instead of me trying to blog about the contents of the videos themselves, I thought it would be easier just to provide the videos here for your viewing pleasure.

Firmware 2.4 has been confirmed to be available for download on JULY 2nd.

In-Game XMB Feature:

Trophies :