All Right, Who's Up For 'Dinner and Wii'?

Wow, I stumbled upon a gold mine today. It seems Nintendo of Canada has a summer promotional website up right now that slipped under my radar. The promotion began on June 18th and continues until September 1st.

So what's on the website you ask? A whole-lotta-stuff, including:

Wii Party Planning 101
A step-by-step overview describing how one should plan a Wii party. According to the instructions, if you plan a Wii party, don't forget to dress up in costume - bonus points if you dress like a Nintendo character, especially Kirby. Also, no Wii party is complete without goodie bags that include stickers, wrist bands, lip gloss, and a 6-pack of beer. Okay, okay, perhaps just my Wii parties include plenty of Heineken.

Dinner and Wii
This section of the website answers a question that has been looming in the back of my mind - what the hell does one eat when playing Cooking Mama? The answer: Mama's Iced Green Tea! Yes, the website actually gives you real food recipes that mix well with your favourite Wii games. Ever wonder what you should eat with your Brain Age game? Easily a Brainy Temple with Cortex Crudités. Come on, you knew that right?

Family Challenge
This site keeps on getting cooler, trust me on this. In this section, Nintendo will be posting weekly Wii challenges that you can do with your family for fun and prizes. Last week's challenge was "Most points for Crocodile Twist" on Wii Fit. Of course with any challenge, to the winner go the spoils. For winning the Crocodile Twist, someone in your family has to - drum roll please - serve you breakfast in bed. Now that's a reward I wouldn't mind having everyday! Also, there is a printable winner certificate, and trust me you have a look (click here for the certificate - it's a PDF)

So there is all that content, and so much more. I haven't even discussed the contest and tour portion of the website. I think I'll save that lowdown for later in the week (and if you're too excited to wait, visit the contest page here).