Ipsos Reid Poll Finds That Canadians Love Nude Gaming

A co-worker of mine once told me a story about her experience playing Uno on Xbox Live. As the story goes, she went online and challenged a random player who, for reasons still unknown, thought it would be a good idea to undress mid-way into the game. He also thought it would be a good idea to have his Xbox camera turned on while doing so. And this was playing Uno no less!

I always thought that was an isolated incident. Heck, was I wrong! According to an Ipsos Reid poll commissioned by Microsoft, one in five Canadian men (17%) enjoy gaming while completely naked. Absolutely. No. Clothes. Yeah, I can't believe it either. Women also enjoy getting their gaming naked on, but only one in ten women (9%) reported to have done so. The poll also found that the group with the highest propensity to game nude are Canadian men aged 18 to 34 (23%). Holy mankini, that's the group I'm in!

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Poll finds number of Canadians playing video games naked