Photo Album: Vancouver International Game Summit 2008

Perhaps my favourite part of every high school grade was getting my hands on that ostensible and lamentable yearbook. Now that I'm old, and haven't seen a yearbook in about ten years, I rely on other people to take some good old fashioned mugshots that I can ogle at, and if warranted, pick apart. Good thing the nice folks at the Vancouver International Game Summit just posted 150-some-odd live event pics just for such purposes!

To view the slideshow, check out this website.

I've gone through all the photos and here are my picks of the litter:

Slide 8 - a way too excited Kenton Low, President of New Media BC.

Slide 33 - Greg Spievak, CEO at Reboot Communications, laughs at Allan De Genova's face.

Slide 37 - Shane Kim, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios, eyes are glued shut.

Slide 43 - Don Mattrick, Senior Vice President of Microsoft's Xbox division & Shane Kim show some teeth.

Slide 49 - Senator Larry Campbell feels for his hair.

Slide 62 - Victor Lewis from The Electric Playground looks very suave.

Slide 73 - Shane Kim gives the thumbs up, man!

Slide 111 - Shane Kim and Victor Lewis are friends, dude!

Slides 128-141 - Rockband time.

Slides 147-151 - multiple people give the finger...the index finger. Among the finger givers is Howard Donaldson, VP Studio Operations, Disney Interactive Studios. Yeah, don't ask me.

Slides 158-275 - One hundred and eighteen completely black photographs.

See, now wasn't that just like the good old days!