Sorry Canada, The PSN Video Store Is Region Locked

So as an extremely excited PS3 owner, I rushed home after work today so I could experience the brand spankin' new PSN Video Store. To my surprise, the store (which went live yesterday) was not appearing when I logged into the Playstation Store. After a little investigation, it would seem that the Video Store is region locked, and us Canadians have been locked out. Apparently the litmus test to determine whether you're region locked is to click here. Sony is tracking visitors by IP address, so if you reside in Canada you should be getting the following error message:

"PLAYSTATION®Store is not available in the selected country or region."

That's right, it's an iTunes-esque fiasco all over again!

Well, it would seem that I'm going to have to do my movie renting the old fashion brick and mortar way...for now.