Montreal To Host World Cyber Games Canadian Championship

The World Cyber Games, described as the world's largest cyber-gaming event, will be coming to Montreal, Quebec on August 31 - September 1. This three day event will be held at La Ronde, Eastern Canada's largest amusement park. According to the WCG Canada website this is the second time in three years the gaming event is being staged at the Six Flag theme park in Montreal.

The event is expected to attract over 150 players across Canada who will be competing for a chance to represent our country at the 2008 WCG Grand Final in Cologne, Germany from November 5 - 9.

The Official game list for the e-sports competition is:

Warcraft III
Counter Strike
Need For Speed
Command & Conquer 3
Age of Empires III
Carom 3D
Red Stone

Xbox 360
Project Gotham Racing 4
Guitar Hero III
Halo 3
Virtua Fighter 5

Considering the last time I played a pro gamer in Halo 3 I got my ass kicked 95 kills to my paltry 25, I don't think I'll be competing at this year's WCG Canadian Chapionship. But that's not to say you shouldn't, in fact, I really think you should. Get practicing!

Source: World Cyber Games Canada