NPD: Canadian Consoles Sales Q1 & Q2, 2008

As gamers we're used to seeing sales data reported on a monthly or weekly basis. If you want Japanese sales data - we've got Enterbrain. If you want UK sales data - we've got Chart Track. If you want US sales data - we've got the NPD Group. And if you want fudged sales data - we've all got VG Chartz!

But if you're Canadian like me, you might have noticed our country's sales data is a little harder to come by. And by harder I mean it's damn near impossible to find. Fortunately for us, the NPD Group also tracks Canadian sales data, and occasionally the like to share! In fact they recently shared some meaty sales data figures with Canadian Business Online - namely console sales for the first two quarters of 2008.

So without further hesitation, here is your Canadian console sales data for January through June:

Wii - 318,000

Playstation 3 - 170,500

Xbox 360 - 129,000

Well, no real surprises there. Big N's on top with a huge margin. Propelled by the recent blu-ray victory and the sweet, sweet launch of Metal Gear Solid 4, the PS3 comes in second. And finally we have the Xbox 360 trailing, but hot on the heels of the PS3 in third.

Now if only the NPD Group would report Canadian data on a monthly basis just like they do with the US. We deserve some love too.

Source: Canadian Business Online