What do you get when you cross a DS and Twitter?

An application that lets you microblog from your Nintendo DS to the Social Network Twitter (follow us).

Today on Mashable they are reporting about Twitter's Invasion on the Nintendo DS via the Wifi connection on the DS. This tool is described as:
A new entrance to the Scenery Beta 2008, this time in the category of applications for the DS. It comes in first for the contest, and with it we can conveniently enjoy the phenomenon Twitter. Blogs, so fashionable lately, are evolving into social networks such as this, where you can post at any given moment what you're doing or see what your friends are doing (and now, thanks to DSTwitter, using the DS anywhere). Certainly an original application, simple to use and with details so appreciated as multilanguage support (detecting the language of the DS automatically) or use of cache for downloading icons.
This sounds like a very cool application, get installation instructions here. Note that this was developed in Spanish, and is in BETA, so you may need to translate the page... Mashable has a translation available to help you out.

Let us know how it works for you - send us a direct message on Twitter from your DS.