Marriott Hotels now with more Wii

Today in my Twitter feed I came across this post from Marriott Hotels "Hey gamers, testing Wii systems at some of our hotels. Read the Wall Street Journal for more -"

It looks like the Marriott Hotel chain is launching a new program where guests can pre-book the Wii while staying with them (at select hotels).

The list of games is currently sitting around 20 games including these popular titles; Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy, and also Wii Fit. Don't forget you can bring your own games while traveling - or find a local rental/retail location to pick up your favorite game if they are not available direct from Marriott.

The Wii package includes unlimited use of the Wii in your own guest room and a basket of treats to eat while you play. All your favorite games including the Super Mario series, Wii Sports and the new Wii Fit so you can even work out in modern style in your room! to book via the internet use code XY0 (XYZero)