NGP Fans Go Postal, Win Big!

Our "NGP Goes Postal Contest" is officially over!

After much deliberation, I am pleased to announce that we have selected our grand prize winner and our two almost-grand prize winners. We've also drew seven names out of our magic hat for our runner-up prizes.

Let me just say it was a tough decision to select the winning haikus. They were all so, so good (and many were so, so funny). Our readers are unquestionably filled to the tip with poetic talent.

The winning haikus embodied that unique mix of almost correct haiku structure, over the top hilarity-slash-derangement, and generally made us all warm and fuzzy inside.

So here you have it, I present to you the winners of the Postal haiku contest:

Grand Prize Winner
- Copy of the Postal Fudge Pack (5 games in 1 game compilation)
- Postal DVD
- Postal movie poster

By Morgan
Postal looks silly
Is that Not Scut Farkus
Osama is a Jerk


Two Almost-Grand Prize Winners
- Postal DVD
- Postal movie poster

By Micheal R.
Delivering sucks
The mail is much too heavy
Angry people die

By Corina N.
It is time to snap,
The twig can bear no more weight,
You're all gonna die.


We also have seven runner-ups that will be receiving a free copy of Postal on DVD. All contest winners will be contacted via email shortly.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more contests!