Oct 24, 2008

10/27/2008: PS3 Trophies for GTA IV

RockStar accouncement for GTA IV on the PS3:

This coming Monday, October 27th, there will be an update made available on the PlayStation Network to unlock the entire Trophy system for Grand Theft Auto IV on Playstation 3. Make sure to download and install the update before playing in order to start obtaining Trophies.

There will be 51 total trophies, broken down by four different levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum - all contributing to your overall experience level on your PlayStation Network profile.

Among the 51 trophies to be released Monday, look for (see image).

Look for detailed information on all 51 trophies to be revealed at www.rockstargames.com/IV this Monday when the Playstation Network update goes live.


Paul Hunter said...

That's very cool to hear this patch is finally coming for PS3 owners. It will be interesting to see if the trophies are identical to the Xbox achievements.

Nerull said...

It's better than nothing but a custom soundtrack patch would have been 10 times better. I hate how so few devs are smart enough to release how wanted a feature it is since it adds a degree of replayability and hence is a small selling point in itself. Plus GTA4s soundtrack was generally horrible, imo the worst for its time, with the exception of gta 1 but the fact that it had a soundtrack at all was somewhat impressive.

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