Oct 24, 2008

Family Fears Boy Lured By Gamers

On October 22, the Toronto Star ran this story "Family fears boy lured by gamers", it was also carried on Canada.com (and likely many other local papers).

It a sad story of a boy so angry that his parent took away his Xbox and the video game Call of Duty 4 that he ran away from home.

Everyone keep your eyes open for Brandon and report anything you might hear or see to the Barrie police or Crime stoppers (222-tips) - Gamers need to stick together and look out for one another regardless of age.

Here at NextGen Player, we hope for his safe and quick return home.

Image thanks to Canada.com


Paul Hunter said...

A website has been launched to help locate Brandon Crisp:


Anyone who has information on his whereabouts are asked to contact the Barrie Police at (705) 725-7025 #2160.

- Paul

Anonymous said...

LOL lured by gamers? It sounds so nefarious. A lot of kids run away from home and it's almost always for stupid reasons that usually have to do with not getting their way. Nothing new here and it's certainly not the games fault

Anonymous said...

lured by gamers? this kind of comment is so 80's think about it this is how they use this in the year 2008 hmm let's recall in the 80's let me see wasn't it called D&D oh maybe it was because he played the record album backwards i would agree that maybe someone might have took the boy but again we all need to blame something why not pick on the things we like how about we blame fishing or hikein or bmxin or bowling like come on use your head alittle better stop blameing some of the fun things as kids do as a lets' put blame to it .. no i still stand behind the real fact that there are some really sick people out there and their mind is wacked or they just don't think i do feel sorry for the kid and i would agree as gamers we need to stick together for a better place but yes those that expolt all and any games or hobbies or past time things to blame it on that reason alone gee maybe i shouldn't make paper airplanes fear that someone might take me away no i think not maybe a paper cut ouch that does hurt but can be fixed well i just wish they stop blaming things like games and such and hope they find the kid alive if best who knows maybe he's friends are holdin him up to teach his parents a teen lesson who knows yes they run away and well such as life either they grow up fast or live in a fast lane either way kids learn the hard way hmm think i did too in some way but then again the goverment gives the power to the teen's and well hey thats another story and well just makes me upset to see that video games used as a blameing tool for people who don't remember we were all kids at one time too .. don't hate the game hate the players

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