I Bought the Gears of War 2 Lancer

You guessed it. As the title reads, I just pre-ordered the Gears of War Lancer bundle from Amazon.ca. If you'll recall, Drew (NextGen Player Senior Writer) posted a few months back about Amazon's US website offering this bundle.

life size Lancer
Well I'm not usually one for these type of gimmicky special game bundles (i.e. Halo 3 Legendary Edition with the replica Mark VI Helmet), but I gotta admit the more I pondered over the life size Lancer replica...I just couldn't resist myself.

For the "measly" price of $149.99 (I paid $1o extra for the Special Edition version of the game) I am very much looking forward to receiving my Gears of War 2 game AND life size Lancer. Once I receive them, I will be sure to follow up with a review of the game and my new toy.

Until then, happy gaming folks.