NextGen Player Review: Tank Universal

Looking back we talked about the upcoming release of Tank Universal, a Tron like video game set in a Virtual Reality world, we also got our hand on a copy of the full release on the Steam Gaming Network.

At first glance the retro feel of the game and the mouse/keyboard combination was a challenging for me (generally a console gamer) but I quickly warmed up the controls. Easy to configure for your preferred short cut keys and an intuitive interface made the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

I spent a number of hours playing along the story line finding the sequences occasionally on the long side, but not completely dissatisfying as they provide the needed back story to the player. The resistance is fighting back against the oppressive overlords and you their newest recruit. Starting with a daring escape and a couple training exercises and your on your way to liberation... I won't spoil the story any more then that - needless to say if you enjoy these types of stories your going to enjoy this game.

I also spent considerable time in the tank battle arena, this was much more to my liking then liberation.  I enjoyed the feel of a timed survival scenario with increasing difficulty as you managed to kill off more and more of the enemy tanks, followed by the addition of enemy air support and more powerful armour units in the field.  

To combat these advantages players collect power ups for their own tank, such as; Sprint - used to quickly close the gap or flee, rockets and gun turrets also help along the way with defeating your enemies and securing victory. 

Enjoyable and potentially highly addictive.