74 Pictures from the Montreal International Game Summit 2008

I'm back from Montreal and what an adventure was had. The Montreal International Game Summit may have come to a close but the stories on NextGen Player have just begun. Expect to see a number of write-ups on the gaming event in the week to come.

To kick off the coverage, I've uploaded 74 pictures I took during the two day event to our Flickr account. The pictures range from the keynote speech from David Braben from Frontier Developments (developer of Lost Winds on WiiWare) to the Exhibition booths (EA Montreal, Beenox, Ubisoft + more) to speakers at the conference sessions.

The event overall was spectacular and lived up to expectations. A record breaking 1,500 people were in attendance - twice as many as in 2005 - and for the first time ever the public was able to come in, play some games in the Exhibition Zone and watch the keynote speech delivered by Jonathan Blow.

The conference sessions were varied and included an unprecedented number of Canadian speakers this year. Attendees were given an insiders look at the creation and development of some of the hottest games this year and beyond including Far Cry 2, Prince of Persia, Braid, Left For Dead, Team Fortress 2, Wet, and many more. The unique insights into the minds of the producers, programmers, writers and artists behind these games were eye-opening, thought-provoking and inspiring to say the least.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews, game footage, news, and more. I have a whole bundle of awesomeness from MIGS 2008 to share with you soon!

74 Pictures from MIGS 2008