Child's Play is Almost Here

Don't know what Child's Play is? Shame on you...

Child's Play is a Penny-Arcade based charity made of gamers who want to give back. The charity aims to assist children in hospitals with entertainment and treatment costs.

A local Toronto Student Group from the University of Toronto Scarborough the "Video Game Society Squared" and the SCSU along with many special campus and corporate partners are proud to bring an entire day filled with games and fun for the 2nd Annual Child's Play Charity on Thursday, November 27th!

For more details, check out the Facebook group setup for the event, and check out the Home page for Child's Play to find hospital near you that is participating with this great charity across Canada. While your at the Child's Play site Donate to their PayPal fund or buy a toy for your local hospital (Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax).

Look for our post event wrap up from a special guest writer.