Duracell & Nintendo to Give Wii's to Children's Wish

Some people like to think that big, multi-national corporation are cold, heartless entities. But that certainly wouldn't describe Nintendo. Not in the slightest. Nintendo is full of heart - big, caring, and smiling heart.

And who can blame them? When you have a console that is outselling your competition combined in Canada, you have plenty of reasons to smile.

It looks as though Nintendo's heart is so big these days that they're jumping at the chance to share their gaming products with children in need this holiday season. We already knew that Nintendo is giving away Nintendo DS systems as part of the 4th annual Wal-Mart event.

Well, it looks like their gift giving extends beyond Nintendo DS systems, as Nintendo has also partnered with Duracell to give out 25 Wii consoles between October 2008 - March 2009. For every Wii console awarded as a prize, Nintendo will donate another Wii to The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada.

To enter the contest, you need to buy specially marked packs of Duracell batteries and then go to the Duracell Play It Forward website and enter the 6-digit code found on the insert.

Or if you're cheap and lazy like me, you can obtain up to five free codes by simply requesting a code via email by going here. Oh, and that's five free codes per email address. See, sometimes it pays to read the fine print.

Each winner will receive the following:

One Wii console
One additional Wii Remote
One additional Nunchuk
2 Packs of Duracell AA 8 batteries

Total approximate retail value of the prize is 364 buck-a-roonies.

Good luck peeps!

Source: Play It Forward with Duracell & Nintendo! [Nintendo of Canada]