Nov 30, 2008

MIGS Official Photo Gallery, Starring Donna Mei-Ling Park and My Cousin

One of the highlights of the Montreal International Game Summit was unquestionably the exclusive Microsoft & Ubisoft party at Le Rouge bar in downtown Montreal. According to the advertisement, it was promised that the event "wouldn't be a total sausage party". Oh how right and how wrong that statement was.

The event itself was pretty electric all night long. The bar wasn't very big, so it was a crowded afair. Noneless, they managed to squeeze in a team of three DJs, a pretty happenin' dance floor (with Microsoft and Ubisoft logos projected on the wall), a social lounge area, and a standing-room only mingling section.

Perhaps my favourite moment of the night was when we stumbled upon Donna Mei-Ling Park from Electric Playground fame and she posed for a photograph with my cousin.

Priceless, I know.

For the full MIGS photo album, including dozens more from the Ubisoft & Microsoft party, check out the official Flickr album here:

Official MIGS Photostream


Chris | GamesMontreal said...

Awesome photos, thanks for the gallery!

Paul Hunter said...

You're welcome Chris! We have plenty more MIGS coverage to come on NextGen Player including interviews with Jonathan Blow, Alain Lachapelle and more.

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