NextGen Player Does Gears of War 2 Launch

As most of you (ahem...really all of you should...) know, Gears of War 2 launched this past Friday on November 7th. To celebrate the game's launch, Microsoft Canada and High Road Communications hosted a Gears of War 2 Launch party on the eve of the launch. The event was held in the old lower Bay subway station located in the heart of downtown Toronto and NextGen Player was there to cover the event.

Entrance to the old lower Bay subway station.

The local for this event was very fitting. The old lower Bay subway station provided an atmosphere worthy of the familiar dingy and underground setting that we've come to know in Gears of War. There were stationary subway cars on either side of the subway platform that served as seating areas as well as a food and drink station. On the platform area were several flatscreens and Xbox 360s set up and all playing Gear of War 2. I was able to get some good playing time in with several modes - single player story mode, multiplayer and the oh so satisfying Horde mode.

Gears of War 2 - oh ya...

Paul playing some campaign mode.

Lee Perry from Epic Games was in attendance the entire evening to talk to anyone who wanted to chat as well as put in some time in the multiplayer himself. Lee is the Senior Gameplay Designer on the game.

Lee Perry (Senior Gameplay Designer) being interviewed
by my friend Minna Rhee from Global.

Lee rocking some Gears multiplayer.

Everyone in attendance (including Paul and myself) had a great time hanging out, chatting, eating, drinking and above all playing Gears 2. That said, Paul and I wanted to personally thank the entire Xbox team (including Jade whom we had a pleasant chat with) and the High Road team (specifically Pam and Katherine for being so hospitable) for a great evening of fun and gaming.

Gears, Gears and more Gears.

Paul with his Gears 2 t-shirt...oh the swag.

That's all from me on this. Time for me to get down to business and get my 'Gears' on.