PSN games The Last Guy, PixelJunk Eden (and more) on sale for $5

SCEA have announced a price promotion in Canada for five of the highest-profile (and, some would argue, among the best) PSN titles, for ridiculously low price of $5. The PSN games on sale include:

- The Last Guy
- PixelJunk Eden
- echochrome (PS3)
- Novastrike
- Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3

All five PSN games are temporarily priced at $5 until December 4, 2008. All games are regularly priced at $10.

If you've missed out on the silk-shooting PixelJunk Eden, zombie-slaying The Last Guy, or mannequin maneuvering echochrome - this is your chance to do it cheaply. Novastrike and Wolf of the Battlefield are a little on the *meh* side from my experience playing the demos. And by *meh* I really mean *ugggg*.

If you're interested in sampling The Last Guy, check out this NextGen Player personalized level. Zombie Fun!