It's Hears(eh): Are These Best Buy's Boxing Day Gaming Deals?

New feature time! If there is one thing we love in the gaming industry, it's an unverified, potentially bogus rumour that sparks our interest and teases our imagination. To satisfy these cravings we've created a new feature on NextGen Player aptly named It's Hears(eh).

So without further delay, I proudly present to you our very first edition:

A poster on the Canadian deal forum Smart Canucks has posted what appears to be a scan of Best Buy Canada's Boxing Day gaming deals. The scanned flyer apparently was posted by a Best Buy employee on the Dealcatch website.

According the flyer, Best Buy will be having deals on Xbox 360 Pro bundles, Playstation 3's bundled with LittleBigPlanet, and plenty of video game price reductions.

For a complete list of the deals and the scanned flyer check out the Smark Canuck's website here.