Dec 3, 2008

NextGen Player In The Raw Podcast Is Here

NextGen Player In The Raw Podcast
Hello NextGen Player Readers.

NextGen Player is continuously looking at ways to bring more value to you, our reader. In addition to all of the great gaming news, exclusive interviews, commentary, industry coverage, contests and reviews - we are now be introducing our In The Raw monthly podcast.

The NextGen Player In The Raw podcast is an unrehearsed and uncut podcast where we will discuss all things gaming. Our goal is to share our thoughts and insights on the gaming industry.

Links to our podcasts are listed below.

Better yet, if you want to listen to us on the go, you can subscribe to our podcast feed through iTunes.

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NextGen Player In The Raw Podcast - Episode 1



Clinton said...

I am a ravenous listener of gaming podcasts and glad to see you guys enter the fray. Look forward to checking out your debut episode!

matt said...

We would lover to get your feedback on our first podcast.

What you liked/didn't like?

Was it too long/not long enough?

Drop us an email at comments at


Clinton said...

Congrats on the first episode. I really enjoyed it.

Everyone sounded very comfortable behind the mic and it'll be interesting to hear the on-air chemistry develop as time passes.

The length was a touch short for monthly podcast. I know it's still early and nothing is set in stone yet, but a 45 - 60 minute show is the norm for a weekly podcast. For a monthly podcast, I can imagine a lot more topics to be covered and maybe some extra time devoted to discussion about an event, controversial news story or a developer interview. The ideal length for a podcast is rather subjective. I just like to hear a bunch of guys riff about the latest games and news.

There were some technical issues that will probably be smoothed out later. Sound quality was decent, although a bit tinny. Definitely sounds like everyone was talking over a conference call connection. This was further emphasized by the telltale click of a receiver being picked up or put down at the start and end of the show.

Anyway, I hope you guys keep doing the show. There's a major shortage of gaming podcasts from a Canadian perspective. Shorter, more frequent shows or monthly episodes that have more depth.


Paul Hunter said...

Thanks for the feedback Clinton! You went into a lot of details, that's great. We will definitely review all your comments and look for ways to improve the podcast. Hopefully at some point down the road we'll get better equipment and work out some of the technical quirks like the tinny sound and clicking. Overall though, I was fairly happy with the sound quality. I definitely agree that we need to stick with our Canadian focus, there are so few podcasts that are truly Canadian-centric. We are very excited to fill this niche!

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