So What Did Ya Get?

So the holidays are almost over and gamers all over the world are busily playing there newly acquired Consoles, Handhelds and Games... But the questions I have is "What did you get?" and "What did you miss out on?".

I'll start...

I finally got a DS Lite for my daily commute. I'm looking forward to training my brain and lowering my brain age ;) already down 9 years since I stared playing. W00t! I'm also looking forward to reliving my NES days with some good old fashion Super Mario Bros. But the Burning question is What are the must pickup games I need to look for?

That sums up the Game gifts this year, but I did manage to get a few good Boxing Day deals, Picking up BF: Bad Company (Xbox 360), Tom Clancy's End War (Xbox 360) and SOCOM Confrontation (PS3).

There are still a number of great deals to be had, at FutureShop, EB Games and BestBuy.