EB Games: Resident Evil 5 We Guarantee it

EB Games is at it again - this time bringing us a gaming guarantee for March's hottest title Resident Evil 5. Guaranteed you'll like it, or your money back, this promotion will reimburse you with full value store credit within 7 days of pick-up (if you pre-order the game). Many of us have taken advantage of these pre-order guarantees before and fans of the Resident Evil saga will not be left out with the dead on this one.

Full details available here. (pdf)

To add to this news, yesterday Xbox and Capcom announced the exclusive one week early availability of the Resident Evil 5 demo on Xbox Live on January 26, 2009. PlayStation 3 gamers will have to wait an extra week for the demo to be available on the PSN Store.

Resident Evil 5
Release Date: 13/03/2009
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom