Jan 11, 2009

Hey Look, These Playstation Gamer's Voice Video Reviews Are Umm...Hilarious

Budding Canadian videographers eager to review Playstation video game titles have been busy preparing short clips to post on Playstation.ca's recently launched Gamer's Voice.

While the quantity of videos is somewhat lacking, the quality is top notch. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

See? I bet you'll never doubt me again.

Source: Gamer's Voice [Playstation.ca]


J.B. Robertson said...


VancityAllie said...

Haha, that's kind of sad :(

(Seriously though, it's the same thing with Blu Ray. Why would you want to record a review of the Dark Knight and send it to your friends? LOL)

Paul Hunter said...

Oh yes, these videos are indeed funny. I hope this guy posts more videos on Gamer's Voice.

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