It's Hears(eh): Leaked Memo From EA Canada's GM to Black Box Staff

Today Kotaku is reporting that EA Canada has layed off hundreds of staff members at their EA Black Box studio in downtown Vancouver.

This comes a month after EA Canada slashed it's fiscal year 2010 financial outlook after disappointing holiday sales of titles such as Mirror's Edge and Need For Speed Undercover.

In a company statement in December, EA CEO John Riccitiello wrote:
"Given this performance and the uncertain economic environment, we are taking steps to reduce our cost structure and improve the profitability of our business."
Kotaku is also reporting that they have received, through unoffical channels, a copy of the memo from EA Canada GM Rory Armes to surviving staff at Black Box.

In the memo, Rory states:

"Rest assured that we will be doing everything we can to treat our affected colleagues with dignity and respect, and help them through this transition. It's a tough, emotional day for all of us, but obviously much more so for those who received the news today."
To read the full memo from Kotaku, click here.