Jan 10, 2009

NextGen Player In The Raw Podcast - Episode 2

It's here!

Our second podcast is now live for your listening pleasure.

Listen as Paul, Matt, Andrew S. and Andrew G. discuss the following:

- What games we're currently playing.
- Discussing our Top Games of 2008 selections.
- Recapping our recent contest winners.
- What games we're looking forward to in 2009

You can listen to our podcast by subscribing to our iTunes feed here:


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Or you can stream it directly using our Flash player:



Paul Hunter said...

All right, I have to come clean about this. The "porn star" I mention in the podcast that I thought was in C&C: Red Alert 3 was actually Jenny McCarthy. Silly me, she's not a porn star, but she did pose for Playboy. This is what happens when you record a podcast and post it *raw* without editing. Yes, I am a little red-faced right now.

Crazy Joe said...

so what do i do if i'm not an apple fanboy sheep, but don't want to sit at my computer to listen?

Andrew Shin (Drumega) said...

If you click on our Mevio link to access the podcast on the internet, on the bottom right of the Mevio media player, there is an RSS icon button. Click on it and select the "Raw XML" option. This will take you to an XML webpage with links to all our podcasts. Clicking on the filename (the ones with the .mp3 file extension) will allow you to download the mp3. You can copy it over to your mp3 player and take NextGen Player with you wherever you go!


Clinton said...

An actual porn star, Tera Patrick, did some shilling for Saints Row 2 just before its release. Is she even in the game??

I played the Red Alert 3 demo recently and man, they really went all out with the babe casting. Is it juvenile? Yes.
Do I like? Oh yes.

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