Still Don't Have The Gold-Plated Lancer Assault Rifle?

Right now on the XBL Marketplace the Gold-Plated Lancer Assault Rifle for Gears of War 2 is free. That's right you heard me - F R E E.

Now you can stop envying your friends that got the codes on launch day, with the purchase of the limited edition game, while you cheaped out (like me) and got the normal box.

Get it here now.

[UPDATE]: Joystiq is now reporting that access to the Golden Lancer was a mistake on Microsoft's part and that anyone who downloaded the lancer during the "free" period will have it removed from their accounts... How Microsoft will accomplish this is yet to be determined. To stop the downloads the Golden Lancer is now priced at 99,999 credits in the Marketplace.

Hat Tip/photo thanks to Platform Nation